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Michael C. DeSchalit

Michael has been a performer for over 30 years. He began his journey to the stage in music as an instrumentalist. During his college career at the University of Arizona, he expanded his stage experience to include vocal performance which then led to musical theater productions and finally magic and hypnosis.  Michael is a Multi-Award Winning Magician and Master Stage Hypnotist and has performed in such venues as The Four Seasons Luxury Resort in Las Vegas, The RMS Queen Mary, The Prado in San Diego, The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and most recently, exclusive engagements at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino and the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Michael received his Stage Hypnosis training from the Masters Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar about five years ago. He was fortunate not only to have great mentors such as Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee, but also to have had the opportunity to study under the Father of Modern Stage Hypnosis, Dr. Ormond McGill.  His theater and performance experience has been vast in other areas as well, not only having been a star of major productions, but also having filled such positions as Producer, Director, Technical Director, Business Manager, Promotions Manager and Stage Manager. Michael is also a seasoned Motivational Speaker, Nationally Certified Trainer, and Certified Consulting Hypnotist and he specializes in working with students from grades elementary to high school teaching leadership, goal setting and communication skills as well as presenting his assembly programs, “The Magic of Success” and “The Magic of the Mind”. He also has years of experience as a corporate entertainer, trainer and speaker and has worked with business entities like Bentley Motors, New York Life and the Colorado Rockies MLB Team to name a few. His combination of expertly written training programs and his unique style of Magic and Comedy Hypnosis always prove to be a great source of knowledge and entertainment.

Michael was presented with the “Hypnosis Achievement Award” at the

2013 National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention.

Hypnosis Achievement Award 2013


– Bachelor of Arts & Sciences – University of Arizona

                    – Course of Study – Sociology & Group Dynamics

– Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Westland Institute

                    – Course of Study – Clinical Hypnotherapy

– Stage Hypnosis Certification – Masters Stage Hypnosis Seminar

                   – Course of Study – Stage Hypnosis Practices and Safety

Memberships & Affiliations

– National Guild of Hypnotists

– Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis

ASPH New Logo

– S.H.O.W. – Stage Hypnotists of the World

– The Academy of Magical Arts

– The Society of American Magicians

– The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Here is a Map of My Performance History…

Michael DeSchalit’s Shows
Map of  DeSchalit's Shows


The states shaded in purple are the one’s I have performed in.

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