Hypnosis Facts & Cool Stuff

 This is a Collection of Hypnosis Facts and Cool Optical Illusions. Enjoy!

 “Hypnosis Dates Back Over 3,000 Years.”

Read the following statement. How many “F’s” do you count, starting with “Finished Files”???

The Six F Test

Did you count 3?  4?  5? 6???

If you counted 6, then you are correct. Most people get the three in Finished, Files and Scientific, but they miss the three in the of’s. This happens because when you hear the word “of” in your head it sounds like a “v” not an “f”.

“The Average Person Enters a State of Hypnosis at Least

Three Times a Day.”

 Read the following paragraph out loud as quickly as you can…

Reading Test

Isn’t it amazing that even though the words are all messed up that you can read them perfectly?

” Hypnosis is Safe, Natural and Has ZERO Calories!!!”

Stare at the cylinders and watch them rotate.


“Anyone Who is Willing Can Be Hypnotized, But You Can’t Be Made to Do Anything Against Your Will While In Hypnosis.”

Say the color, not the word (for example green, red, blue, white…)

Do this out loud as fast as you can…

Color Test Tee Shirt Black

 “Fifteen Minutes of Hypnosis is Like Three Hours of Sleep.”

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