Comedy Hypnosis Show

This show is pure entertainment and is perfect for Private Functions, Corporate Events, Casino Showrooms, Conventions, Seminars, Fundraising Events, Grad Nights and School Assemblies.

The show is a family friendly show where audience volunteers become the stars of the show and everyone gets to see just how powerful the imagination really can be.

And NOW… The Hypno Zone is proud to Present…

“Hypno Improv”!!!

Hypno Improv Logo Final

Just when you think this is your ordinary hypnosis show, the hypnotist engages the audience for their help. During the “Hypno Improv” segment of the show, the audience will get to help create the routines which makes them even more outrageous. That’s right… The show now becomes interactive between the hypnotist, the audience and the volunteers. Just wait to see what hilarious things will happen!!!


No other hypnotist in the world allows the audience to choose what the volunteers will be doing… Until NOW!



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OR… If you need entertainment for a small private party, try our

Time Travel Party

“A Journey To Past Lives and Beyond”

Past Life Parties

A fun and exciting addition to any party where you and your guests can all experience a Past Life Journey. It’s so much fun, your guests will be talking about it for a long, long time and you will be regarded as the party host that gave them a gift of a lifetime… or should I say lifetimes!!!

Check It Out…

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