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Keeping Employees While Cutting Expenses…

How would you like to cut company expenses without cutting employees??? With a corporate sponsored Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Program YOU WILL. I can bring such a seminar to your company and in the process help you reduce health care expenses by 5% to 25%, reduce the amount of sick time paid out, reduce the amount of employee smoke breaks and reduce your janitorial costs by having fewer ashtrays to clean and  cigarette butts to pick up.  

This seminar will allow you to start experiencing better productivity from you employees and will create a better corporate image for you. Think for a moment how a customer or client, or potential client perceives your company when they drive up to the building and see several employees smoking in front of the building. Your employees will become healthier and as a result, their absenteeism will decrease and more importantly, your company paid health costs go down as well as the portion that the employee pays. This means increased productivity and greater profit for the company.  

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